Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Baby!

On Sunday night my husband and I headed out on an adventure to Wal-Mart!  After having been cooped up in the house Saturday and Sunday I was a little bit excited for the trip.  We had a mission:  hunt down a new baby for me!
Here she is:

(With a free subscription to Martha Stewart Mag to boot!)
And once we got home I sat down to figure her out.  I ended up ripping apart an old baby blue t-shirt of G's because he's a skinny minnie and the size L drapes on him now.  Jerk.  Anyhoo, no bitterness here at all.  I made it into little bags for him when we travel (prepping for Christmas early).  Two shoe bags and two small bags for things like his watch and cuff links (because God knows he doesn't keep them in anything like the box that came with them).  I'm hoping to eventually put together a little travel valet for those things, but for now voila, the shoe bag (using the neckline as a drawstring on this shoe bag, the others are string-less currently, but that will be fixed this weekend). 


  1. This is a fantastic idea! Congratulations on your new sewing machine. I've got to get mine out of the closet and start making some things too. I just may start with these. I need to make a few handbag storage bags too to protect them from dust when I'm not using them. Yay! Inspiration!

  2. Madame Stephanie-- Oh yes, you must, they're so simple! For handbags I would go with something a little firmer like a muslin.