Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In The Kitchen

I have more food in my kitchen right now than I have in a long, long time.  And I figured that I might as well share what that means for my household.  The food is for this week, and a little into next, since I took some time to menu plan.

On a vintage glass cake stand that an old middle school teacher gave me while G and I were engaged (I bought a cake she made at a cake auction and she told me congrats and to keep the cake stand!) we have spaghetti squash, butternut squash, tomatoes, onions, acorn squash, garlic and elephant garlic!

My food cabinet in the kitchen.  Lots of tomatoes, oat meal (irish and quaker oats, and we have more on the counter), and chocolate!

On to the refrigerator:

Pellegrino, apple cider (for mulled apple cider) and a pot of butternut squash soup in the back.

I have 2 dozen brown eggs, planning on doing a lot of baking!

Our deli drawer holds some parmesan, fresh sage, goat's cheese and greek yogurt.

Chickpeas and portobello mushrooms (for soup this weekend).

Chicken, bone in, helps to make stock/broth for the soup.

My veggie drawer: carrots, celery, belgian endives, spinach, red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce. 

An orange for mulled wine, couple of pear, unwaxed organic lemons for water and chicken, red potatoes and golden delicious apples.

Prepared for baking!

Milk, clotted cream, and heavy and light cream.....ingredients enough for scones and quiche!

And the freezer:

A bag of frozen chopped onions on top, some pumpkin loafs (we froze them to keep from eating them all!), roasted butternut squash puree and a ton of flour!

Well, you either enjoyed this trip or were bored out of your mind, but I was so excited I had to share!  And yes, sadly I am that anal about where everything goes (all facing forward, lined up neatly).  It took G a little while to get the hang of it, since I also keep all of our glasses and dishes as precisely.  OCD anyone? 


  1. I am in love, if you are ever in Texas I will pay you to organize my kitchen.

  2. Bobbi-- I'm thinking of maybe doing a post about how I organize and why (partly OCD and partly because otherwise I am a clutter queen....it's the artist in me).

  3. Ah, yes; if our refrigerators and cupboards were cars in a parking lot, we would probably have to sit and think about whose belongs to whom. Mine always has parsley sitting in a glass of water and wrapped in a bag, and it seems you have more dairy than I (OMG, clotted cream). But otherwise, it's the seem organized compulsion!