Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old Fashioned

It is strange to me that the older I get the more conservative and old-fashioned I become.  And I'm only 25! But my love for vintage is slightly out of control, and is not helped by a husband who feels the same as I do.  But for the amusement of my readers, here is what we have been up to lately:

We spent all day Sunday listening to a dozen "episodes" of the radio show Father Knows Best.  While listening to the radio online, I managed to write out half a dozen letters to people I love.  I am a huge fan of correspondence through snail mail, have a strong love of stationary, and am currently coveting a wooden stationary box from Crane's filled with nice cotton paper and correspondence cards.  I really do love sitting at my great-grandmother's desk writing to friends and family.  I also ironed a lot while listening to the radio program while G sat on the desk chair listening with me.  It helped me get some napkins and tea towels ironed, as well as G's blues, and his white handkerchiefs (and yes, I love that my husband carries them!).

Yesterday we went to the store to get groceries and also stopped for coffee.  I chose to look casual in a camisole and cardigan with jeans and flats.  But add in my green coat and my new red lipstick and G was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road!  For anyone with my complexion (pale, somewhat porcelain) please let me recommend what so many others recommended to me:  M.A.C. Russian Red.  I use a cherry red lip liner under it (always remember to exfoliate your lips so there isn't dry flaky skin) and then carefully apply.  Even after wiping quite a bit off over the course of a couple cups of coffee it still looked divine!  It's bright, and at first was shocking.  But G thinks it's the sexiest thing I own, and I might have to agree.  (oh, and my maman, God love her, hates it.  Which might make me love it more, hmmm.)

And last night, in an effort to use up some greek yogurt I was worried would go bad, I made a yogurt spice cake.  In a bundt pan.  And it looks beautiful and smells amazing!  We'll be having it with tea this afternoon, pictures to follow, and if it turns out good, I am sharing the recipe!

I don't know what sparked this insanity in me, that caused me to love old things far more than I do modern.  But God definitely blessed me with a husband who agrees and so we both get to live a happy little lifestyle.  Now if only I could hunt down some 1940's Christmas cards.....


  1. Oh my I also love snail mail. casey does not understand my love of vintage, he thinks mordern is the way to go.

  2. I tell Bruce that I'm born in the wrong era, LOL! I love old fashion ways. Keep posting, you are an inspiration!!

  3. Oh I am so glad I am not the only person like that! I wish you lived in the UK, I'd have you over for tea ;)

    I've never tried MAC lipsticks... are they quite moisturising? I love red colours but I have very dry lips so I have to be quite careful what I wear....

    - Sera x

  4. Hey you, how have you been? I haven't been to your blog for a while...trying to catch up. I soo wish that we lived closer. I have had to "contain" and somewhat "minimize" my love for vintage and old fashioned stuff simply because I am the only person I know who likes that sort of thing. We should write letters to each other just for the heck of it. I would love that!

    BTW...what do you use to exfoliate your lips? I have been told that I should wear red lipstick on many occasions.

  5. Bobbi-- well, I know it's not an old-fashioned thought to have, but husbands are often wrong ; )

    Ping-- thank you so much!

    Seraphim-- I don't know that the MAC lipsticks are moisturizing. I tend to moisturize my lips all day, and then I just use the lip pencil and the lipstick. I haven't found it to be extremely drying.

    Anna--I am e-mailing you!