Wednesday, January 6, 2010


They snuggle.....sometimes.

This was our "serious face."

It was a long drive home, as we carefully tried to be vague with answers of where we were.  We were able to show up a day early, to the surprise of everyone.  In actuality, apparently we are very blessed, because the day we were supposed to go home would have been impossible, our hometown had a snowstorm unlike any they've seen in a while.  A white Christmas.  Clean and peaceful.  Reminding us of the rebirth of the season.  A time to shed the past year's mistakes and look hopefully towards the future.  A time to reflect, to pray, and to be silent within ourselves.  I don't have all the photos from the trip yet, because our camera died a couple days in.

G and his dad.

His maman.  

G looking surprised, wine glass in hand!

This was the 4th shot.....

My parents will kill me for this.....we played Chubby Bunny after dinner.  I cannot believe I didn't get a shot of G's dad playing too!

I enjoyed the trip immensely, snowed in, even when the flu hit everyone but me like a brick wall (leaving me with my turning 1 this week niece, I was quite happy with that!).  It was a Christmas like no other.  It came upon us suddenly, it didn't feel the same as before.  I had no interest in opening the gifts I had told them not to get.  Instead G opened ours (and nearly squealed when he saw my parents had gotten us a he will still be a crap driver, but at least we won't get lost!).  We made a huge breakfast, with an appetizer of mini cinnamon rolls (recipe to come soon, because they are amazing!).  We laughed, we listened to Christmas music and Creedance Clearwater Revival.  As we rocked out G was filming while my daddy and I danced around the kitchen.  

Can you tell we were excited to be up?  This was after my 2 brothers, G and I were shouting Christmas carols (well....Keegan didn't sing, but he played the piano.....he needs to learn to multitask!)

This was only the beginning!

Sophie was not amused by the ribbon around her neck.

I never did get G's cake made.  We were snowed in on his birthday so no one could come, and on the day we rescheduled it to, well, the flu hit.  I still have the candles, and we're going to make a cake for him later this month. 

G's shot glass of pepto bismal.

It was a time for family, for laughter with friends.  I hope every one of you had as good a holiday.  


  1. I love the pic of you and Sophie's Serious face. Looks like your Christmas was unforgettable. Sorry about the sickness that struck we had that happen here to.

  2. Merry (belated) Christmas!!

    I love what you said about the Garmin! I have a GPS too - but I never get 'lost'.....if I make a wrong turn, the GPS thinks for a second and then factors the turn into my journey - so I never make a 'wrong' turn, it's just a scenic detour on the way!! (my dad says he wishes I'd make less of them.....)


  3. Bobbi-- I should have posted the next pic where I was smiling and she refused and stayed serious. She's a drama queen!

    J-- I refused to get a garmin when we first moved here because I wanted us to learn the streets. It does come in handy while out picking up things off freecycle though!