Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Date Night

A wee bit of spring popping up, shining hope.  

Today G showed me our itinerary for today (after our interesting morning).  After we tacked him on, we left and headed home.  He had planned for us to go play mini golf, and then on to a little hole in the wall Mexican place for dinner (one that had been recommended to us).  To say I was upset was putting it mildly, I was unconsolable this afternoon, feeling like he'd gone the "friend route" when I knew we desperately needed romance.  But he was right, and we ended up having a blast mini golfing.  Turns out I suck, but I definitely suck less than G!  I'm glad the place wasn't busy since we made fools of ourselves. (Final score was 62 to his 92.)

Rocking out to CCR, my get happy music of choice.

A hole in one on the 2nd hole!
G takes his stance.
I fell down laughing as G swung and tapped his way into 7 or 8 shots for a simple hole!  He snapped this.

Then onto Fiesta Mexicana, which will now be our Monday Mexican night hotspot.  It is a tiny hole in the wall, with 4 tables upfront, and 1 in back.  It's small, you order and you can watch them make your food.  Guacamole is made to order and is yummy.  Limited amount of chips, and they bring the chips and guac (if you order it) to the table with your meal, but it's a smart move.  As the owner says, if he brought it to your table beforehand you would get full.  Instead, we actually nearly had chips left over (but G scooped up his lettuce and cheese with them).  The owner looked at me during the meal and said he would make mine spicier next time (I cleaned their salsa verde one point G asked if I was going to have any taco with that "hellfire" as I piled it on!).  For dessert we had their last piece of tres leche cake and it was amazing.  Our biggest surprise?  They have Mexican coco-cola, fanta, and squirt!  We ordered a coke each and savoured them.  

Now we're home and the painting G had planned for us to do is postponed due to exhaustion.  It's 10 p.m. and we're headed to bed.  I promised G a chance to do a romantic date this weekend, since our fun date was as good a reconnecting time as he had imagined it would be.  So for now he's earned an extension, and he means business.  I told him to stop planning and just be the man he wants to be.  And to my surprise tonight he listened, took it to heart, and did.  Which means we're no longer allowed in most places due to the high volume of smooches!
My end of the night note to G. (I still have a few he hasn't seen!)


  1. I am so glad you had fun. It is surprising when we have fun in spite of ourselves( I can imagine I might have a similar fit if H.W. suggested mini-golf. That said, fun can be very romantic).

  2. Sounds like a really fun day.....and you have me wanting Mexican food now! Mmmmmmm salsa.


  3. I think he did amazing, he went the right route reconnecting from the starting point and the right way to go. I am going to steal his idea of reconnecting from what started the flame in the first place, friendship.

  4. And know we know that romance is where ever you find it. No tests, no qualifications, just the two of you. I may be in your area soon. I'd kick both your backsides at mini golf.