Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Staff Sgt. G

G tacked on Staff Sgt. today.  It was a quick ceremony, I got to slug him, and I was even encouraged to give it another go by one of his higher ups (I declined, murmuring something about later).  He stood out in his old uniform (his new one has been ordered, but they're behind).  But with his new haircut, he looked handsome.  He also received an Air Force commendation medal for his work in England.  
Myself and one of G's co-workers from England (who is now here as well) tacked him on.  
This guy is great, and his wife is of course even better! (and I'm not talking about G!)

Even with the stress I was proud to be married to G today, which surprised me. Normally these things either bore me to pieces or annoy me with the b.s.  But I was proud that he made it the first time and was 2nd in his job field (for the entire Air Force).  He's a smart cookie!


  1. I remember pinning my dad's badge on him when he made lt. the first for his police dept and I tied to stab him. but he stopped me.

  2. That's awesome! Congrats G on the Sgt. Feels great to get it doesn't it?