Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Win! I Win!

I told G earlier that I was making two desserts tonight and that he could only have one.  When I told him I was finally making his birthday cake he said, "I don't want any brownies."  Massage for Kalee!

And, he's been cooking!  Currently we have a chicken roasting in the oven that he did!  I stayed upstairs so that he could just trust himself to do it (otherwise he relies too much on me, and he doesn't learn).  He's been wanting to learn to cook more, so tonight was a good opportunity.  Roasted chicken, couscous, and roasted asparagus with a salad.  Perfect.  

I'm headed in with him to work tomorrow.  Getting out of the house and on the computer while I drink copious amounts of coffee gets me working on the novel so those days have become the most productive.  This weekend is promising to be sunny and gorgeous, and I'm hoping we get out to Annapolis.  Operation Rekindle Flame is in full force!  G wrote me a poem today that was actually quite good (comparatively) and I was fighting tears I tell ya!


  1. So glad things are going well right now!

    Of course now I want brownies or cake too! Ha! :)

  2. That made me giggle since it's exactly what i had for dinner the other night. YUM!