Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Spot Of Cuteness

I think Bunny is a fairly normal nickname, the fact that it's G's makes it a bit odd (since I've always known women with the nickname).  But I can tell you that G always signs his notes to me:

G, SB & I

And his watch I got him when we were engaged says:

So glad it wasn't too late.

Bunny is a shortened form of S.B. a.k.a. Snuggle Bunny.  When we were first dating and he was at tech school and hadn't seen each other for 7 months (a time when we were still friends, we began dating while he was away), we talked on the phone for hours each day.  One question I teased him with was:  Are you going to be my snuggle bunny?  It stuck.  He likes it, and I call him Bunny in public (most people seem to just think I'm calling him honey).  I've even been known to squeal it before leaping into his arms.  

And yes, we snuggle tons.  


  1. So funny, I had to comment when I read this b/c I call my husband Bunny and he calls me Rabbit.

  2. Bunny was Jackie's nickname for JFK (yes I know I'm a dork for knowing something like that)...I think its a great nickname...