Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love's Gestures

See Exhibit A:

I love knowing that this feature alone is going to make him such a handsome old man someday!

Two more little love notes I made for G.  He's loving them, I think he plans to squirrel away a collection.  

I have a surprise for him today.  Yesterday I told him I would bake brownies today for him to take to work for his co-workers to eat in celebration of him tacking on Staff Sgt.  I also bet him that today he would be saying "That's okay, I don't want any brownies."  Something his sweet tooth would never say!  He took my bet, and by the end of tonight is gonna owe me a full body massage.  He kept asking if it was an April Fools Day thing, and I just smiled and said no.

You see, we never got around to making him a birthday cake with the beeswax birthday candles I bought.  We got snowed in at home, so his family couldn't come celebrate.  Then everyone in the house got sick.  I just gave up.  And we haven't really made the time since (I know, it's shameful).  So tonight I am surprising him by making him a cake and decorating it while the brownies are in the oven.  He won't be able to have 2 desserts, so he'll have to choose.  I win!  

(But really he wins, he can have a brownie tomorrow.)


  1. You are so devious. I love it. Wish him a late Happy Birthday for us. Send pictures of the cake, please.