Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Half-Pint House

As you know, in October I am headed to my first ever blogging conference, Relevant10.  I am super excited, and I would love everyone who wants to come to be able to come.  Megan of Half Pint House is selling items she sews to try and make it to the conference.  Please go and look at her cute stuff in here store!  She has cute bags, totes, and business card holders!  All can be found in her shop here.  Also be sure and stop by her blog and see what she's up to!

These are the business card holders---she's giving them to Relevant attendees who post about this! Yay!  I've been collecting so many cards lately as I meet people, then I misplace them, so this will be handy!

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  1. LOVE 'EM!
    I just started another new blog about my personal life. Check it: