Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zucchini Overload

Last week we picked up a bunch of zucchini as part of our CSA.  G and I both love zucchini and we estimated it would be good to steam and have as a side to dinners.  Unfortunately we had a lazier week and didn't steam any.  So Wednesday night I took zucchini, tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano, and some herbes de provence and ended up with this:

Which was the latter part to this meal:
The cheese are:  Irish Blue, Midnight Moon (a harder goat's cheese we love) and Barely Buzzed (a cheese with coffee and lavender).  G ended up eating almost all of the Irish Blue as I decided blue cheese really isn't for me.  I keep trying it, and always end up wanting to scrub my mouth.  But the other two?  Tres magnifique!  The Barely Buzzed had almost a chocolate undertone.  Yum!


  1. This is my kind of meal. I want to come over for dinner! The vegetable dish looks absolutely delicious. Between you and Kristi with your CSA boxes, I must learn more. I haven't been able to find one in my area though except one that you can pick up. But still that's better than nothing. I may have to try this soon.

  2. YUM! And such lovely presentation too!