Thursday, July 8, 2010

Funny Little Goal

So as I mentioned G and I have been talking goals lately.  Big and small.  Our therapist says we need to write 5 year plans down and work on how to get there.  Well, we'll get to that eventually I'm sure (since I do love writing lists!).  However, small goals are good too .  Like last night when my husband and I were lying in the dark and he asked me what, other than my running, was a goal I wanted to achieve in the short term.  My answer?  I want to learn to knit socks.  

I think he nearly snorted.

But come on, we keep a cold house in the winter and warm woolen socks would be wonderful.  And doesn't he want a pair of ugly socks handmade with love by moi?  

He said it made sense and of course he wanted socks.  So great, now I have to find a class to teach me how to knit a sock. 


  1. Socks are among my favorite things to knit. A class is a great way to go,it's so helpful to have someone sitting beside you while you learn how to hold the needles (the hardest part in my opinion when you're starting)and as Bobbi Janay mentions there are great online tutorials for every detail from cuff to toe. Be sure to visit for lots of helpful info. Have fun.

  2. Bobbi that was exactly my suggestion... I found a great video that taught me how to knit a hat!

  3. I still need to learn to knit socks. I think if you know basic knitting, taking a sock class would be perfect!


  4. It's a worthy goal. I remember the pictures of snow outside your house this year.