Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today is a break from running.  Five days and I did 7 miles.  And today was the first day my body hurt a little.  Yesterday we were running later than normal, and so to beat the sun we did the 1.4 miles in 20 minutes.  That coupled with pizza making and I am exhausted.  So today is a "pamper Kalee" day.  Nail polish, hair conditioning, face mask, you name it, I'm relaxing.  

I'm prepping myself for some big changes later this summer (such as cutting all my hair off, the heat has convinced me this is necessary and I'm just sorting through looks that will work for me).  My parents are bringing some furniture out later this month.  It will be nice to have my buffet where we can store all our table linens.  Right now we just have the space and seem to always be misplacing them!  It's just a short weekend trip, they aren't staying long, but we'll head home in August for my Daddy's 50th birthday!  

This year has taught G and I one major thing and that is that when it comes to our lives, we have every right to be selfish and the only person we have to worry about is each other.  Trying to please everyone else got exhausting and ended up damaging our relationship.  Our little family of 2 is the most important thing in the world to both of us, and if we ever hope to expand that family we have to take care of us first and foremost every time.  

So we're taking care.  Making goals.  Working towards the chic, adventurous life we both love so much.  Downsizing our closets, our home, is helping with all of that.  Because it means we have fewer choices we have to make, fewer things to pick up or clean.  We can just throw on something we love and leave.  And we're taking time to celebrate the little things.  G got his first filling ever in his life yesterday and so what did we do?  Popped a cork and had a glass of sparkling wine.  Strange to some but it was a way of celebrating our life, and that can be done every day.  And really, it should be celebrated every day, right? 


  1. My family (extended family - my parents, sibs, nieces/nephews, grandparents, aunt, etc) has a motto. It was my Grandpa's really, but we have taught everyone who has joined our family how to follow it. "Any excuse for a party". :) We celebrate every single birthday, new baby, buying a house, promotion, slight pay raise, good day at work, landscaping.... you get the idea. Pretty much anything you can think of! But first filling? That's a new one. Well played. :)

  2. I think you'd look good with a angled bob - between chin- and shoulder-length in the front, slightly shorter in the back. Very sleek! I have a similar haircut & love it.