Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Musings

* It's hot.  Really hot.  I'm so ready for fall!

* The roasted chicken is off the menu.  Reason:  See above.  So instead we're going to have some shrimp with Old Bay seasoning. 

* To go along with our delicious vodka tomatoes we began marinating last night.  It's a dish we had at the cocktail party last weekend and is super simple:  poke cherry or grape tomatoes all over (we used a stainless steel cocktail pick), leave in a bowl of vodka overnight.  To serve, simply take the tomatoes, speared on cocktail picks, and dip into lemon pepper seasoning.  Delicious!

* We just made a bloody mary homemade for the first time.  Used Martha's recipe, tasted, decided not quite enough, so added extra horseradish and then some old bay.  Delicious with vodka over ice, but take it slow, they're potent. 

* G remarked that we have been drinking more lately.  I corrected him.  We've been drinking more often, but less in quantity.  A beer at trivia night, a glass of wine with dinner, a cold bloody mary on a hot summer day, but never more than a drink or two.  And always, always with lots of water. You must stay hydrated in this heat!

* G might deploy sometime in the next year.  Four to six months by myself.  Hmm.  Not sure yet how I feel about this.

* I'm excited that we may be headed to Annapolis this week!  And it's not even because of the beautiful navy whites.  There is a Sur La Table, so hopefully I cna look at the Staub coquette and pick it up if the color I want is in.  I'm a little worried about lifting the thing, I've been told they're heavier than Le Creuset.

* I wish all my day consisted of relaxing with my drink, but alas, I now have floors to scrub and polish and vacuuming to do.  Nothing back breaking, just repetitive (Sophie sheds a ton).

I do hope the weekend is going well for everyone!


  1. The Vodka tomatoes and the home made bloody marys sound delicious, and the shrimp too! Yum. Your blog is always so very delicious.
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, save the housework.;-)

  2. I'm hoping you get the Staub because I'm dying to hear how you like it. I drool over those and they are indeed heavy! But oh so pretty and probably fantastic to cook in.

    Deployment....oh gosh. Have you had to go through this before? That's an awfully long time but you are a strong woman and will no doubt persevere.

  3. La Belette, Thank you! Lightweight housework and cooking. I don't think bloody marys go along with anything strenuous!

    Stephanie, I am almost sure I am getting the Staub and naming the pot! I've heard that they're preferred over Le Creuset by people who cook a lot, and I surely do these days!

    We've never had a deployment, but he proposed the evening before leaving for England and short the few days we were together then we were separated for 9 months before the wedding! I'll persevere....and probably spend a lot of time learning not to cook so much food!

  4. I made sausage and noodles with a garlic parm sauce. It was so good. I am now being forced to watch preseason football, save me. I think I will go scrub the kitchen.

  5. Kalee,

    My husband gave me a Staub cocotte last year for Christmas and I am very happy with it. I use it for baking No-knead bread, making soups, stews and sauces, and steaming mussels. It was a terrific gift that I will use for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Staub.

    I also have their adorable tea pot and a grill pan. I use the tea pot daily, but I've only used the grill pan twice.


  6. This is interesting about the Staub vs Le Creuset. I am only just getting around to following up on your "warning Telfon" comments last year (or whenever it was you reviewed the Teflon waffle maker thing). Until then I had no idea Telfon was a problem! But after reading another article recently, I immediately threw out all my pots and pans and am searching for cast iron replacements. I heard the Le Creuset black satin frying pan was recommended by Marian Burros, the food writer for the New York Times. Apparently she said that the black enamel frying pan made by Le Creuset was as good as Teflon and even managed to cook eggs that didn’t stick. But I have also heard of "Green Pans"??

    It's all tres confusing.