Saturday, October 30, 2010

Am I The Only One?

Who wears an outfit two days in a row if I only wore it for a short while the evening before?  Needless to say I wore it for less than 3 hours last night and today, in an attempt to get out the door quickly, I threw the whole thing (well, clean under things of course!) back on.  Which leads me to why you get a snap shot of me in the Trader Joe bathroom today.  I suppose I could have posted it claiming it was from last night, but I'm just keeping it real.
Jeans:  They're my old Old Navy ones that I paint furniture in...shh.
Flats with Metal Studded Bows: Gap
Handbag:  Gerard Darel
Long Black Shirt: Gap
Leather Jacket:  Jaeger
Scarf: Charity Shop, England
Necklaces:  Bead For Life*
Earrings: new silver hoops I picked up today from a lovely little locally owned jewelry store!
Sunglasses:  Gucci

I love outfits like this, a bit high end, a bit low end, but none of the high end I actually paid full price for.  Which sorta suits me just fine (I *might* be working on being less tight fisted).  

Bead for Life is an organization that teaches Ugandan women how to make beads from recycled magazines to make gorgeous necklaces.  Ashleigh of Heart & Home, whom I met at the conference had these necklaces.  I couldn't decide, she said to just take two, and I've been speaking about them ever since!  31 Bits is a similar organization that is also amazing.  If you're looking for a great Christmas gift that has some meaning, please shop these stores, or consider hosting a party.  It's a beautiful way to support women halfway around the world.  (Bead for Life also has shea butter products as well as loose beads if you want to create your own necklace!) 


  1. You look stunning, kalee, I love your sense of style!

    (And I totally recycle whole outfits too, especially if I feel really pretty/awesome in what I'm wearing...the whole thing will come straight back on the next day (changing underwear etc, natch...)

    And I hadn't come across Bead for Life before, that is really cool, thankyou for sharing.

  2. Girl I totally recycle outfits like that also. Looking super chic as always.

  3. No, you are not the only one as I too am good with a "next day' use of and outfit. In fact, not too long ago I had a meeting to go to on a Thursday night, then had to leave for "parents weekend" at my son's school in L.A. Put my outfit back on at 4:30 the next morning, flew out, cabbed it to the school and attended a full day of activities and evening gatherings. I then, hope this isn't TMI, wore it back home on a Sunday! the trick, as you pointed out, is to be careful!

  4. I wear outfits again as it just seems wasteful to wash perfectly clean clothes. I realized this back in my corporate days when I would get multiple wearings out of a suit. And it also helps your clothing last longer. This was a habit that was hard to get into as I was raised to believe you should never wear the same outfit twice.

    I recycle a lot when on trips to save packing space. When I travel, I have one travel outfit that I wear on the trip out and the trip back. Plus have multi-duty outfits throughout the trip.

  5. You are NOT the only one. I often don't post my weekend outfits because I wear the same thing all weekend. Just take it off when I get home and slap on yoga pants and then when I go out the next day, take the outfit right off the top of my bureau, folded and ready!

  6. Raising my hand - I do the same exact thing! ;)

    xo Cat

  7. I would wear them twice if the weather in where we live isn't humid through out the year. So I guess you're not the only one:) Liking your jacket and bag there.

  8. Rachel, Thank you! I think it's good for the clothes to not wash them absolutely every time you wear them (well, underwear being the exception). Makes the clothes last longer.

    Bobbi Janay, Thanks!

    BODECI, That sounds like my type of weekend packing. I have some faves I could wear every day!

    Cherie, It really does help things last. I generally wear jeans far more often than socially acceptable before washing, but I don't like them to fade.

    Allie, Yay! I'm glad someone as chic as you does it as well!

    Cat, :) Apparently we're not alone!

    Ping, yes, I understand the humidity. I don't sweat hardly at all, which helps me get away with it. But this summer there were some items I would normally just hang back up that instead got thrown in the wash.