Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bring On The Rain

Rain here in MD is a dead giveaway that traffic will be horrid.  And in the early morning when I'm tired and hungry this does not make for a pleasant Kalee.  But I put on the Selah CD and sang reminding myself that this is just one day. 
But now I'm sitting enjoying coffee and looking outside.  The trees are this gorgeous goldenrod and remind me why I love this season so much.  The bright rich crimson, the fiery orange, the goldenrod.  I never cease to be amazed that we as artists try and capture color on canvas that God dreamed up.  And with the grass still very green here (thanks I am sure to the horrendous amounts of rain) everything is like a painting that I cannot believe I exist in.
I hate stepping in puddles.  I hate having my feet wet and can often be found in a random public restroom washing my feet.  It just grosses me out.  But I love dancing in the rain.  I love the way it washes over you and can just make you feel fresh and new.  And the smell of the earth after a good rain always makes me long for home, where the smell of earth was strong.  

I own a few umbrellas, including some colors and prints.  But the chic me tends to lean towards simple black.  However I am beginning to see that there might be joy in brighter solid colors.  I would love a bright green on days I am wearing dark, and a deep purple on days I'm wearing my green coat.  But I can admit that compared to the natural beautiful colors here I would look awkward, as if I were drawn into a painting long after it's been painted.  So for now I'll stick with my black umbrella and my green coat with a big fluffy flower pin and a smile.  The rain is not to be fought, but to be danced through, knowing that it will bring greener days again.


  1. Those colours are gorgeous!!!!!! I love a good rain. We have had some lately and I love it. I hope we get more soon.

  2. I am taking my fabulous coat to the cleaners this week. I am hoping to convince Casey to let me purchase a Pleated Poppy pin for it. It is the most amazing tan color, double breasted, jacket. I love it and I found it at the resale shop I worked in during college. It actually came in a year after we moved up here but the owner thought it would be perfect for me and she was right. So I know what you mean about loving your winter/fall accessories.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love autumn leaves. Rain is one of my favourite things too. And the rain smell you mention - it's the best!

    I imagine you would shine out in black or in colour, but I really like how you put it about being painted in afterwards. Lovely words.