Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Interrupt Your Show

Eventually we will get back to regular programming around here.  I had so many ideas for this blog before I attended the conference.  And while it's been a relief to finally lighten my load, I do want to start posting normally again. 

However first I want to say a huge thank you for all of your comments and e-mails.  I am truly, truly blessed.  And I am more grateful than I could ever express.  I felt so alone in my grief and silence and in the last couple of days I have felt nothing but peace.  I have been allowing myself to cry, but also to hope for the future as G and I discuss things.  

And I want to state that although I am lacking in one area, I most definitely have been blessed in many others.  I have a husband who thinks I am amazing and who made me a "Welcome Home" sign that included the initials of our animals, and who not only cleaned but cooked me a meal from scratch (with pesto and broccoli!) so I didn't have to cook.  I have family and friends who are always there for me and who have allowed me to share in all of the mess of their lives.  I have a home that is cozy in the winter (which is upon us).  And I have 3 animals who are pretty sure my stories of adopting them are bologna, including a kitten who must absolutely be curled up near me when he's ready to sleep and other times is diabolically trying to kill our computer (I kid you not every time I walk away from the open computer he mutes it and turns the screens light waaay down, amongst other things).  

I do not have it all.  I don't even have it all together or most of it, and some days I feel like a complete mess.  I named my blog as something to aspire to and am slowly learning to see a chic life not as a perfect life, but as a life of not taking moments for granted, for really appreciating the good things around me.  I told my husband the other day, "Wherever you go, there you are.  You cannot hide from yourself for long."  The mess I've been avoiding is proving to be beautiful.

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  1. Hi Kalee,
    After I became a mom I had to put perfect away. I have a great mantra, "trust in my soul for it knows the way to the source." When my ego gets involved, I feel frustration, when my soul is present, I feel peace. It is why we love you so much, you are not perfect! You are human and so are we. xox