Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making A List So I Can Check It Twice

I did something to my lower back this evening that has made standing up, sitting down and moving too much a pain in the rear.  And with a million kitchen things to do, I'm a little perturbed.  But I figured that a list would be a smart idea so that once I get going, in my haste to finish it all I don't forget.  So, here is my things I need to make in my kitchen before Christmas:

* Rosenmunnar--- Swedish thumbprint cookies that are a huge favorite for us.

* Gingerbread house---The dough is ready, the icing is made up, I need to cut it out and bake it!

* Candied orange and grapefruit peels--- We've been saving up our peels for a couple days so I can get on this and make this for G!

* Marshmallows--- Um, I might have possibly nearly eaten all the ones we've made because I discovered the joy of having a gas stove is the ability to roast them inside!

* Whole wheat bread--- I need a couple loaves to go along with things this week.

* Caramels--- So family and friends know I love them....I was supposed to make these, oh, 2 months ago!

* Fudge

* Peppermint Bark

* A smoked salmon and goat cheese torte--- Taking to a party on Christmas Eve.

It looks like a lot, but I'll get on a roll and do several things at once.  Anyone else baking up a storm?


  1. I hope you take it easy and don't over do. It can be aggravating when you want to do stuff but are limited to some degree.

    I will be making a ham for our Christmas dinner. Today, I hope to make a few loaves of bread but keeping things very simple.

    xo Cat

  2. Sounds delish, but take care of yourself and your back!

    Happy holidays to you! :)

  3. I want to figure out how to do peppermint bark so bad, everywhere I went looking for it this year has been sold out.

  4. Do take it easy on your back. But freshly bake bread sounds so good right now. I'll be making fresh rolls with our ham. Looking out for brussel sprouts for the side dish.