Friday, December 3, 2010

Slowing Down

Tonight I'm attempting Shepherd's Pie.  I couldn't find any non-hormone ground lamb so I am using ground beef, which has been browned.  Other than that step I'll be following the recipe from Country Cooking of Ireland (which calls for the onions and carrots to be softened and then add the beef).  I'm excited for a simple meal and we'll be eating some sort of green veggie with it (we have brussels sprouts, broccoli and peas to choose from). 

I loved last winter here.  The joy of spending all night hanging out in our kitchen, with music or a movie on and something in the oven.  I'd sit and watch old movies with G at the table while I sewed or knitted and we'd drink tea and use candlelight.  So simple and yet we were just happy to be there in that moment.  And with the possibility of big snows this month I'm eager to get the house all homey with fresh from the oven bread.

Things have been different lately.  I've been different.  More introspective.  We have my baby brother coming for a visit later this month and I am so super excited!  He is the bane to my foodie side, and yet I love him to pieces.  He's quirky with a sense of humor that is sly and surprises me all the damn time.  G and he get along really well so I'm looking forward to the 3 of us spending many nights chilling with some homemade hot cocoa playing board games until the wee hours.  

Does the winter time make you slow down and enjoy simplicity more?  Or do you feel like it's so crazy busy you can hardly catch your breath?


  1. I feel like the time before Christmas is crazy-busy, but Jan-March is very quiet. Especially when it's snowing or miserably cold, I love spending the whole day indoors, watching movies and doing indoor things. I start to get a little stir-crazy about mid-March though!

  2. I'm old enough and my family small enough that there aren't that many people I have to "do Christmas" for anymore. And at this point in my life, that's a good thing. I can stay home a lot and soothe my soul with cozy activities such as the ones you mentioned. I think snow is lovely to look at as long as I'm looking at it from inside my home!!! Bess

  3. I make Shepards pie with ground beef. It is one of He=weasel's favorite.

    I am a mix of crazy busy some days and slowing down other ones. So far I am liking the mix.

    Enjoy your dinner and weekend!

  4. thank you for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway!

    Loving reading this blog. Def on my must reads! :)

    Steph @Bowmania