Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do You Like Hermes?

If so, I have an excellent blog referral for you!  Stephanie, who used to blog at Bonjour Madame and C'est Si Bon (both excellent, I miss them dearly), took a break from blogging in order to simplify her life.  Now, lucky us, she's simplifying her closet as well!  She took a hard look at the items she owned and realized that while she loved Hermes, the scarves really didn't work for her, and in order to gain some closet space and give these beauties a new life she's selling them.  I've *known* Stephanie for a while now and she has excellent taste.  She decided that selling them was important not only to declutter her home, but also because the proceeds will go towards saving for a trip to Paris.  Simplifying for Paris?  Très chic!

I was lucky enough to get an early look and fell in love with so many of the scarves that G had to sit me down and remind me to keep my head.  But he too loves the detail of Hermes scarves and so after looking them over carefully we both fell in love with the color and 3-dimensional effect of this beauty:
She's headed to me and should arrive sometime next week.  Along with a fur collar that is divine and I desperately need for the cold winter months here.  Photos to come as soon as they arrive.

So, if you would like to buy a Hermes scarf (or a vintage alligator handbag), please head over to Editing My Closet and take a look!  Everything is at least 30% off of retail cost, and worn once or twice with a few brand new items.  You will not find deals like this, in this condition, anywhere else! (Believe me, I've looked at scarves for ages now.)

**If you do decide to purchase please mention that you were referred by moi.  Stephanie has generously offered to me a 10% commission for any referrals.  With saving for our future adoption every little bit helps!


  1. Oh dear, this could be BIG TROUBLE! I love the fur collar you got - very elegant and chic.

  2. oh love this, thanks for the link!

  3. Heading over now, and I'll be sure to mention you if I buy something!

  4. These are lovely. Wish I could buy, but they are not on my wardrobe must-have's right now. Alas.

    I have one of MaiTai's black fox collars myself and wear it a couple of times a week, using a 90 cm carre, a plisse, and a Twilly. Exceedingly versatile and luxurious little item.

    On the FC board, you asked if anyone had ever used Laundress products. Yes. J'adore.

    I use the wool/cashmere wash for all of my woolens and handknits, the whites detergent and bleach alternative powder for my white/lights, the stain-removal bar, and -- best of all -- the Le Labo Rose 31 detergent for my "delicates." I handwash my lingerie 2x a week in a sink of cold water and a squirt of the Le Labo. It's a gorgeous spicy rose scent that really lasts. Expensive, but it makes me enjoy handwashing these items. I think the bottle will last at least a year.

  5. Do you know Catherine B's boutique ? It's an incredible vintage shop in Paris (also avaibale on the web) where you can find the best pieces of Hermes and Chanel, au-ten-ti-fied !! And also collectors. A really amazing place !

    Catherine B - 1, rue de Guisarde - 75006 Paris.