Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gym Bag Chic

I refuse to use a nylon duffel bag to tote my gym items around in.  They're ugly, they scream "gym bag!" and they clash with my outfit.  I normally use a lavender cable knit cashmere tote with purple suede handles that I picked up at The Limited many years ago (I used to use it to tote books and such at college).  But it always seemed to not want to hold my shoes well, and looked overstuffed.  So, with Spring coming (sometime, eventually, yes?) I switched to a cheap but chic snap over tote I bought at H&M a few years ago. 
It's simple, casual (more casual than the lavender one for sure), and yet doesn't scream "gym bag!"  And even better, this image is with everything, including my shoes in it! 
Now I just need to go out and get some new running shoes and I'll be set for Spring!

1 comment:

  1. I don't like gym bags, either. I splurged once and purchased a Stella McCartney gym bag for Addidas. It was very pretty, had lots of pockets, and functional. It was so big that I could've carried a child in there, and I had many occasions of muscle strain in my neck!

    So now I carry a modest bag like yours. Much more reasonable!