Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coffee Sort Of Day

Today is the first time I've made it out of the house during the day in over a week.  And honestly, after cleaning the kitchen (as in, deep cleaning and hand washing dishes sort of cleaning) and baking blueberry muffins until 2:30 in the morning I feel like today is a coffee sort of day.  I for one will never be pledging to give up caffeine, no matter what my doctor may advise (and yes, it's been said that perhaps I have a somewhat high caffeine intake). 

This morning as G tried to rouse me, I blearily stared at him with only my upper face peering out of the covers and mumbled something about a glass of milk and a muffin (which thank goodness for his sake was quickly retrieved!).  I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, so it was fairly quick going to get ready, though it might have seemed comical as I hopped around with tights on one leg and then had to be buttoned into my coat by G because I had wet nails (I ruined mine last night cleaning).  Normally I wouldn't have bothered with all of that, but today I have a lunch to attend for my spouse group for G's job.  It's my first time meeting these women, and it includes some people that one would wish to make a very good impression on, so I'm dressed nice but casual: black cotton dress with my chunky Ann Taylor grey and metallic thread cardigan with wine colored fishnet-y tights and black boots (I don't know what you would call these tights, they're lacy).  My hair is still in the chignon it was in cleaning last night that I slept in, so it has a slightly rumpled sort of cute look, but will be tumbling down into curls before lunch time. 

I've also got a dinner to go to tonight at a restaurant at one of the art museum's here in Charm City.  It's a great group of women who I always have a good time with, so though I feel like perhaps I've overbooked my energy level, I couldn't say no.  Though perhaps I will be abstaining from the wine tonight.

I've said it before and I mean it now more than ever: I finally feel like we're making a life here in this city.  We've got friends who I actually would define as friends rather than acquaintances.  I'm planning on inviting everyone over for a cocktail party before G leaves, and doing a girl's brunch soon after.  These are people whose company both of us truly enjoy.  Women who I can't wait until it's warmer and we can start having coffee dates out in the beautiful weather.  And besides those, I'm acquiring people I like seeing, even with all of our crazy schedules.  Not as before where I was trying to make friendships work because I felt I needed to, but because I want to.  And with those I've known for a while, I'm becoming much more comfortable with them, planning to throw a nice brunch at home rather than having us all go out (which is how we all met!). 

Besides that, I'm becoming more familiar with the city.  The streets no longer really confuse me, and I've become an expert u-turner (which is actually very common here).  I know good places for coffee, good places for a leisurely meal with wine, and places to go if you want it to be more loud and fun.  I still miss England, but I now associate this as home a bit more.  And being less than an hour from D.C. and only about 3 hours from NYC has it's perks.  (Though I've never been to NYC we are planning to go this fall with "bouquet(s) of freshly sharpened pencils.")

So I'll sit here and I'll drink my coffee and try to look awake.  After all, the day is just ripe with possibilities and it wouldn't do to sleep through them. 


  1. So glad you are starting to get comfortable in your new surroundings and making friends. I will NEVER give up caffeine either... it's my one vice!!! xo

  2. Wow sounds like you got a lot done. Really enjoyed reading your post!

  3. It's nice to hear you are settling in. My husband and I are in a new city, and although we are getting used to a new routine we don't have the friendships yet. I think having your friendship base cultivated and defined really helps to make a new place home.