Monday, February 7, 2011

Sword Swallowing

I sometimes plan a whole week's meals in one sitting.  Okay, rarely.  I'm more of the "what sounds good and how many days can I stretch it out?" type.  Hence our propensity and everlasting love for soups and quiche.  And even more normal is for us to go to the store to see what ends up in our basket.  Because you can plan and plan, but when you're eating as many fresh items as we do, you just have to see what looks good.

I've been stalking the fish department of Whole Foods for a while now.  Which is why I roasted a whole fish on a whim.  And why we had king salmon fillets the other night.  But what I've really been searching for is more swordfish steaks to re-create the meal I made back in June.  But time and again they didn't have any.  Yesterday I was thrilled when I saw that they had in fresh, wild caught swordfish steaks.  We had one wrapped up and headed home.

We weren't able to recreate the swordfish meal from before.  I thought it included cilantro, instead it involved arugula, which for once we didn't have on hand.  So I improvised, pan cooking them with just salt, pepper, and olive oil.  I re-heated the leftover dijon mashed potatoes from the meal with the salmon, added some sauteed red onion and a half of a plate of salad.  I also cut up some heirloom cherry tomatoes, but they didn't make it to the pic.  We added them a little further into the meal (because honestly in my rush to finish and surprise G I forgot them on the cutting board!).

And for lunch today I decided to add in some of the flavor of the salsa G made last night.  I made a big salad with spring mix greens, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, ranch and homemade croutons.  And then took a small salad plate and had a swordfish filet, half an avocado and some salsa.  Mmmm!
The swordfish is a bit pricey at $16.99 a lb.  But we got a little over a pound and cut it into 5 portions (two meals for each of us, and then while I'm at a lunch meeting tomorrow G will have a nice lunch).  It ended up being about $3.50 a portion, which because of the thick density of swordfish was more than enough for us!  Total cost of each meal would add up to no more than $5.....not bad for something I would be pleased with in a restaurant!

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  1. I love the fish at Whole Foods--it's always so fresh and delicious. It can be pretty pricey, which is why we eat it less than once a week, but I try to balance that out by eating vegetarian or leftovers once a week to save. And I love meal planning!