Monday, February 28, 2011


So, because there seems to be some confusion, please let me assure everyone that while I think it sucks that G is gone from me, and will be for quite a while, I have no real fears about his safety (unless you count the crazy traffic he was in from the airport today!).  He's in Iraq, not Afghanistan, for which I thank the Lord! (though we both love Afghan food, so there's that loss.)  He also is in a job that is very safe, he's extremely important (he's the only one there doing his job), and he's in pretty much no danger unless the whole dang base comes under attack.  He's not allowed off base.  He'll basically be training people, eating, working out, and sleeping when he's not on the phone with me (I love skype more than words can say!). 

I was fortunate enough to talk to him on Skype for an hour and a half tonight.  We both admitted there had been hard moments.  But mainly I talked about my plans for keeping busy, I answered e-mails to people he knows, I read him facebook comments of those who know us both and saw that I was speaking to him, and I even called my parents home and got my grandmama on speaker phone to talk to him (she was whoa confused at first because "I thought he had left already." Ha!).  I had just put banana bread in the oven when he called and he was there salivating when I took it out.  I offered to send him some.  He talked to me as I did dishes and made coffee.  Skype is amazing and there was absolutely no delay, and no matter where I moved in the room we could hear each other as if we were right next to each other.  It definitely helped.  I told him how proud I was to be his wife, how much I loved him, and how I thought time was going to fly by.  I'm a naturally positive person and while I was anxious leading up to this (we both did our fair share of crying) I'm quite hard to get down.  I've talked to him about how great a time this will be, for me to rely on myself more, to become a better wife, to take time for me.  We're lucky because we'll probably be able to talk most days, though we're focusing on writing letters to keep for the future.  We've been best friends since we were teenagers, can finish each other's sentences and he even called me from the plane last night as I was dialing him (so we both got busy signals).  Some people think it's freaky, but we do that pretty often (as well as mention random things at the exact same time, but that would take a whole other post).  We're quite in tune with one another, and tend to know when the other needs to be reminded they're missed, and when they need to be lifted up more.

I know that my husband and I will get sad.  It happens.  But I don't think crying on the phone is a good use of precious time.  I told him all about my day, and he laughed when I said it took a ridiculously small amount of time for everything I did and now I'm bored. :)  My kitchen is sparkling and I've made a quiche and banana bread today!  This is not normal, but I'm liking it. 

I'm thankful for all the thoughts and prayers from all of you amazing people, those I know IRL and those who only know me through here.  You will never know how much it's taken a burden off my shoulders to know a ton of people are asking God to watch over us.  I'm quite calm, and though only one day in, I've always liked my own company and I am sure the hardest bit will be adjusting to him being back home this fall!


  1. That is nice to hear, Kalee. I'm so glad G is not on the front lines. I don't know how loved ones handle that kind of worry.

    You seem quite self-sufficient and you'll keep busy juggling your numerous projects. Just know that when you're having a bad day and you need a friend, email me and we can chat.



  2. I love technology! I am so glad you have Skype to be able to communicate for so long and hopefully daily, that is going to make a huge difference I am sure!

  3. My husband leaves for Iraq in a few days also. He's actually already left home and is across the country, waiting to leave. I really miss him but I'm handling it better this time than when he was deployed several years ago. I really had my doubts about being able to handle everything on my own, but managed fine. We've been together 30 years and have a disabled daughter who misses him terribly. He just got a new laptop, so we look forward to Skyping together.

    Best wishes to you,