Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lasting Luxury

Back in October I visited the La Mer counter at Nordstrom.  After trying the original moisturizing cream and their eye cream as well I asked if there was any way to get a small sample to try for a few days to kind of see how my skin liked it.  It's an expensive product, and I am not willing to splurge for something I'm not sure about.  The woman working that day was extremely nice, agreed that you really no need to try it for a few days and promptly filled two sample containers with a generous amount of both the original cream and the eye cream (the eye balm intense).

Those two containers last me about 2 weeks.  It was insane, really.  But I found with exfoliated skin the rubbing into your fingers and patting on method (versus simple slathering on) really did work, and allowed me to use less product.  So early to mid November off I headed back to the store* to pick up a 1 oz. container of it.  I told G that if I liked it after using up this container that I would be continuing with it, to make sure he understood the cost before I bought.  He agreed that it made my skin soft (I have dry skin, so it really was miraculous), and that the cost was worth it.  I assumed that I would need a refill by the middle of January, guessing one jar would last me two months.  I still had some of my rose cream from Korres, which I was using at night once I got La Mer.

I was wrong.  Oh so wrong.  With the product being in a white glass jar I really wasn't certain the volume of product, since I know some companies use this as a way of making it look like the container holds more than it actually does.  And so the other night, trying to determine how much I had left I decided to use the very scientific manner of sticking my finger down through it to the bottom.  I turned to G with a shocked face.... I was a little over halfway through the container!  And it's nearly the middle of February!

Now, I do not use this every day.  There are some days I'm in a hurry, and just use the Korres, but that's unusual.  I use the La Mer nearly every day, and sometimes twice a day.  I assumed it would not last me long, but I love it, so it was worth the expense to me.  At the rate I'm going, the cream is turning out to cost me only about a dollar a day.  And I don't see that as so expensive.  Even if it was $2-3 a day I wouldn't blink.  To say I am pleased with this product would be an understatement.  My skin loves it, it doesn't cause any breakouts, and it feels luxurious, an important thing for me.  My beauty routine is sacred and me time and it should feel decadent.  So I am loving something that feels decadent but turns out, not so expensive!  Luxury that lasts longer than you assumed is tres chic!

*I picked up at the store, but actually ordered and paid for it online.  By doing so, I was able to use Ebates, get 5% cash back, and also qualified for their online deal of a travel size of the original cream and two extras.  It rocked, and was so worth the hassle of ordering and having to pick up (we were headed out that way anyway).


  1. $30 (or $60 or $90) a month for moisturizer is sort of blowing my mind right now. Guess that's why I'm a Neutrogena girl. :)

  2. I just compare it to other things. Like, if I was out and spent $30 a month on coffee out (which many Americans do minimally ), I would see any result other than the jitters. At least moisturizer helps my skin not bleed (I get really, really dry skin where it gets raw and cracked).

  3. I keep a small jar of this on hand and have to use it during the driest days of winter when my regular moisturizer doesn't do. It works wonders for really dry skin.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I've been considering trying La Mer, but I prefer real people's experiences to print media testimonies. I'm keeping this in my "to consider" pile and will obtain some samples in the next few weeks...

  5. Kalee, it's so cute how you have La Mer under a post tagged Frugal Living. Only you! I admire that. I've always wondered if La Mer is just hype. I'll have to try it for myself.