Tuesday, March 1, 2011

House Updates 2

Here is our living room.  It gets lots of light during the day!  Some of the photos are blurry, but I didn't realize it until it was too late!
 Sofas:  Base furniture store when we were first married:
"Coffee Table":  side table, thrifted
Pillows: Dark blue from IKEA, teal from Target
Blanket: TJMaxx
Peacock Artwork: Thrifted
Rugs: TJMaxx (they were originally bought for kitchen, but both won't work, so temporarily placed here.)
Smoke Glass Candle Holder:  Actually has fruit cut into it on bottom, thrifted
Candles: Store on base in England....they stain they things they sit on, hence a glass piece.
Mini Dachshund: Ours!

 Bar Tray: thrifted
Decanters: thrifted
Cranberry cordial: Homemade, in a bottle that used to hold apricot liqueur from a castle in England.
Martini Pick Holder: Crystal glass, thrifted
Martini Picks: Crate and Barrel
Runner: Target (Christmas)
Large Artwork:  Free from Airman's Attic in England
French Sign: Won Giveaway from My French Corner
Silhouette Art:  Vintage, thrifted England
Holy Family: thrifted
Humidor: thrifted
Cork Glass Holder: thrifted
Corks:  do you have to ask?

I should mention the beauty of this piece is the storage.  The cabinets hold bar glasses (the vintage gold cane glasses).  The drawers hold candles, both beeswax tapers and the soy jar candles I love so much (that I stalk TJMaxx for them).  They also hold some random peacock dishes I bought, wine bottle stoppers, and silver metal trays I love, including a clover shaped one!
Dresser where we drop things as we come in.
Tray: Target
Paperweight: Hobby Lobby
Black and White Sugar Bowl: Charity shop in England, we use it to hold matches.
Beaded Candle Holder: Target
Glamourous Candle Holder: Hobby Lobby
Toast Rack Used As Letter Holder: Thrift Store
Geode: TJMaxx (G picked this out)
Owl Perfume Bottle:  Vintage Avon, from my grandmama's home
Photo Frames: TJMaxx
Mirror: Target
 I just noticed that in this closeup one of the bar glasses is on the back of the tray!  These photos were taken on Sunday and G *might* have been drinking Scotch in the afternoon.

The final post will be the kitchen!


  1. Lovely. You have such a great fireplace and I'm drooling over your fleur de lis paperweight and the tray.

    You have successfully created a cozy environment without over-decorating or making it cluttered. What a great room to entertain or just quietly have a cup of tea and read.

  2. I love that fireplace, and the mirror is fabulous!

    What a lovely space you live in!

  3. Oh I love this!! It's so interesting to see someone's house. Or meeting the parents of a friend you've known for a long time.

    I think I might steal this idea and post some pictures of where I live! But I think I should probably get off the internet and clean it first...

  4. Beautiful!!! This looks like photos from a French apartment. Well done, Kalee!

  5. what a lovely home, the brick is great!