Tuesday, March 1, 2011

House Updates 3

The afternoon light in here is fantastic.  I love my kitchen!  It really is the reason I said yes when G first loved this house.  And for all the madness and buyer's regret, this kitchen feels like home to me.  It's not completely uncluttered, there is always a loaf of bread on top of the fridge, spices on the counter, and I keep things out that many put away.  But it's a working kitchen, where things I need are on hand. 
This is the bookcase in front of my island.
Bookcase: thrifted
Wooden Bowls: thrifted
Carnival Glass Butter Dish: bought for my by my parents at an auction years ago (I used it in college!)
Teapot Warmer: thrifted
Brass Candlesticks: thrifted (we have a ton in our house)
Cookbooks: from everywhere
Recipe Box: Big one from Hallmark (gift), small one is vintage, belonged to my great grandmother
Vanilla:  TJMaxx
Candied Kumquats:  I made!
Bluebird Cookie Jar: thrifted
 Violet: Home Depot
Aloe Vera: Home Depot
Aloe Vera Pot: IKEA
Cake Stand: vintage, gifted from one of our middle school teacher's when I bought the cake that was on it at an auction.  She wished us a happy marriage and told us to keep the plate!
Dry Erase Board and Stand: DaySpring
Candle, TJMaxx
Candle Plate: Target
Moroccan Glass Tiled Vase: Tuesday Morning
French Press: Bodum, freecycle
Soap Dish: Antique, given to us by G's dad.
Dishsoap Bottle:  One of 3 from IKEA.  I love it!
Virgin Mary Art: thrifted
Spice Jars: vintage science equipment (see the rest of the science items HERE.)
Tea Kettle: Sur La Table (no longer being manufactured, we went on a wild chase of this one HERE.)
Cast Iron Coq Au Vin Dutch Oven: Staub, gift from parents
Crystal/Cut Glass Oil Cruet:  Antique, from grandmama
Salt Pig: Tuesday Morning
This is the island, where are the magic preparations happens!


  1. My eye fixed on the dry erase board. I think I'd like something similar to post the day's menu. I plan menus one week in advance, and I wonder if my husband would anticipate lunch and dinner with a bit more excitement if I posted them on our kitchen counter.

    I have a working kitchen, too, and although it is not cluttered I do leave certain items out of the cabinets: olive oil, salt and pepper, toaster, wood cutting boards, etc.

    I really like your incorporation of thrifted items in your home. It is nice to have some new things, but I really do like having items in your home with a bit of history. And to source them from a thrift store - so much more fun than a stuffy antique shop! My fantasy is a trip to Paris to visit and shop the flea markets. I should never go because I would be heartsick at looking at all the beautiful things I'd never be able to bring home!

  2. Thank you ladies!

    Rebekah, the dry erase board I got free from DaySpring this past fall to review. I love it for writing up what's for dinner or what I've baked. It's got a Bible verse on the bottom about thankfulness, though it's usually covered by the cake stand!

    I love thrifted items and have actually found many pieces that when I did some research saved me hundreds of dollars. It's always shocking what you can find!