Friday, May 13, 2011

Chic Just Isn't

I think sometimes as a society we can try and categorize everyone.  Put everyone into little boxes.  We even do it to ourselves, trying to check off boxes for a certain category, even if they don't work for us.  That's why as much as my style tends to lean towards european chic, it also has a bit of 1940's glam and rock n' roll badass.  And I'm perfectly okay with being less in a box and more the center of an awesome venn diagram.

Because being chic, well, it's about being you.  It's not about fitting into a category.  It isn't about being someone you think you should be.  It's getting up in the morning with an "I rock attitude" and throwing on an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, confident and strong.  It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin, rather than feeling like you need to slather another one on. (not to say you can't wear a bunch of fun make-up, because that can completely rock!)

Chic just isn't about a certain look or way of acting.  It's about being you, and loving that.  And if you're a reader coming here for a daily dose, I hope I deliver most of the time.  But really, this is my place to just type.  To be authentic.  To be my version of chic.  Yours can be completely different and just as amazing.

Chic stops people in their tracks.  It's a way of dressing with care to look like you.  It's a way of holding yourself with calm confidence.  Chic doesn't have to be loud or showy (but we all have moments where that is precisely what chic is).  Chic is being comfortable in your skin.  Get that down and you may have off days, but you will not falter on this path.

The one thing chic is, is this:  Lemmings need not apply.


  1. I love this! Chic is so unique and I think you hit this spot on.

  2. I absolutely love your thoughts on this! It's something I have been contemplating lately! Bravo!

  3. That last line is the best: Lemmings need not apply.

    We all blog about chic clothes and food, makeup and hair. But chic is really so much more. It really is about being comfortable in your own skin. It's saying, "These are the hips God gave me, so I'm going to love them instead of hating them," as well as "This is the brain God gave me, and I'm not going to waste it."

    You should send this in to be published.

  4. Great post! A great reminder for me as I work being happy with myself instead of trying to be something for someone else. Love your blog!!

  5. Great post Kalee. I especially like your 'being the centre of an awesome Venn diagram'. So good!