Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chic Monday

I'm finally beginning to feel like me again.  Whew!  About time!  I got up early (ahem, 11 a.m.) to run some errands.  I threw on some jeans, a simple black tee and added my Hermes scarf as a necklace (draped loosely around my neck) and a bracelet I picked up from Banana Republic a while ago (on clearance for $6!). 
Then I headed to my Common Ground meeting at church.  Common Ground is a group of 3 Catholic churches who are working towards inclusivity of anyone, regardless of their social/financial status, citizenship status, culture, or faith.  One thing we're involved with is immigration reform.  But it's also about including people of different faiths, inviting those who are homeless into our doors, etc.  Basically it's amazing.

And I found out that one of the churches has quite a few immigrants from Western Africa who speak French so our priest is hoping to eventually have 2 French masses a month.  I mentioned that I used to be fluent and am working on becoming fluent again.  My priest lit up, because that would come in super handy.  My goal now is to work to become completely fluent again so that I can be a go between with the language barrier. 

This is something that seems to be a Godsend for me.  Because I had spent some time when G was first gone thinking about how I might want to go into working in a job that would utilize my language skills.  Because of my accent I'm good at dealing with those who might have difficulty understanding the average French speaking American.  After we discovered the pregnancy it was mentioned that French language is becoming a bit more important to our government....precisely because of Africa.  But with the baby, I knew that that would have to wait for several years.  Now, here is an opportunity for me to really use this for the greater good and still keep me close to home.

Now it's Tuesday and I am trying to keep the chic streak up.  I'm off to beautify myself a bit and then head out for some coffee and Kindle time (haven't really tried it out much) before my bocce game tonight.  I'll try and snap pics of that so I can show you what it's like!


  1. That is a great reason to resurrect your French.

    You look great in blue, by the way. Love that scarf!

  2. Adrienne, Thank you! I've been wearing it more often lately and loving it!

  3. How exciting to be able to use your French again! Sounds like a perfect situation for you to use it in!

  4. So great that you'll be able to practice your French and that it will be useful for the wider community. What a blessing.

  5. Popped over from unefemme. Lovely blog! Et si jamais tu as envie de parler français - je t'en prie - j'ai quelques lecteurs qui laissent leurs commentaires en français de temps en temps - et c'est génial ! (Feel free to practice your French chez moi if you like!)