Friday, May 13, 2011

French Friday Mini Adventure

 Blue necklace from 31 Bits, made by women in Uganda....I get compliments on it everywhere!

Yesterday we were out of power all day.  All the dang day.  It came on at exactly 3:25 this morning, waking me.  What a way to start the day! 
However, yesterday I had gone for coffee and window shopping with a friend.  At an antiques store I had spied a milkglass crucifix candle that was beautiful, but didn't pick it up.  It called to me last night and so today I spoke with G about it and decided to go back and get it before it was snatched up.  Luckily it was still there, and now is sitting with a beeswax candle in it (so I could show G).
Then I stepped in next door and found a carved wood frame that suits our home perfectly.  We're not shabby chic, and in fact, our home certainly has more of a chic with antiques, but not too worn look.  However these pieces are excellent to make it look a little less stuffy.  Look for it when I finish up one of our art walls.
And then I stopped for lunch at a little place called Soups On.  It was pretty good food.  The asparagus salad with chopped eggs was delicious.  And they served Kerrygold butter with the bread, which took this place from nice to wonderful in 2 seconds flat.  These stores are in old homes with front porches (much like the homes a bit north of us).  So I sat outside on the porch to eat and watch the world pass by. 
A simple day, I'm home now browsing etsy for other pieces for our home.  I keep an eye out for chalkware statues of saints, antique christening gowns, and even came across a carousel horse G and I have both decided is a necessity for a future playroom (who doesn't want their own actual carousel horse?).  Life is beautiful.

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