Friday, May 20, 2011

French Friday Fail

Okay, fair enough.  Today was a successful day in terms of errands.  I did get new tires put on the car.  I did manage to stop in at Panera and grab a sandwich and some soup.  And hey, I even managed to do all this while looking fairly decent in a long sleeved black knit top, my green houndstooth scarf tied loosely around my neck and some jeans with flats.

But honestly my day started off with me realizing that as I enter this second trimester my stomach is finally starting to push into my jeans in a most unhappy manner.  Dang, I totally thought I could go another month.  (and some pairs are still fine, but of course they're my least favorite.)  And then, I barely could stay awake enough to eat, the drive home woke me up enough to talk to G but then I crashed on the sofa and slept for nearly 4 hours.  By the time I awoke I had two dogs staring at me hungrily and I could tell that just seconds before they had been debating which one would get to gnaw on my forearm. 

I had planned to go down to my favorite patisserie and grab a couple macarons and an espresso, but realized I was too tired to even think about the espresso.  Dinner was a bowl of mini heirloom tomatoes and a bagel with cream cheese.  I did take the time to toast it on my cast iron pancake pan, which made it nice and crunchy.  But still, a quiche it was not. 

However, this isn't really a complaining post so much as a realistic one.  Sure, my belly is beginning to slowly move it's way forward, but I still have my shape from the front, including a defined waist.  And that nap rocked!  I made time to get in some blue berries for an afternoon snack, a great antioxidant.  I've been drinking plenty of water lately, which has kept me feeling refreshed.  So, as a French Friday goes it kinda failed.  But it was still a good day, with plans made tomorrow to grab a coffee with a friend (I desperately need a good girlfriend session) and do some vintage shopping.  I'm thinking about bringing the dogs and making it a fun day of walking and getting some fresh air after all this rain.  So all in all, a quite successful day.

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