Thursday, May 19, 2011

Opening Up

I've not posted much this week.  Oh, I've written a handful of posts and saved them, some that will be posted soon.  But can I just be honest?  This week has been a doozy.  An I-wish-I-could-have-a-few-glasses-of-wine doozy.  I've spent whole evenings where my face was streaked with black mascara and I looked (to quote my husband) like something from a Japanese horror flick.  Nice, right?

It's nothing huge.  Just worries about life changing.  And personal issues with family things.  For 2 nights in a row, when I wasn't crying I was practically yelling.  So, not really conducive to good blog posts.  Yesterday was better.  Yesterday I got things done.  I met up with a friend for coffee that led to dinner that was perfectly relaxing.  And I came home and in between vegging in front of season finales I dozed and spoke to G. 

Today is rainy and calm and feels like I can breathe, which is a blessing.  Those life changes have been talked through.  G is promising me we'll still go to Paris at some point, maybe we'll even be crazy and take the baby.  And family stuff, well I'm still working out how to deal with that, but it is what it is, and I'm working less on changing it and more on figuring out how to react to it in an honest but respectful manner. 

So I'm headed to the store to get bread so that I can have tea and toast for dinner.  Simple, calming (I have some Mariage Freres Bourbon Vanilla red tea I won from Aesthetic Alterations) meaning good for me and my soul.  I've spent the past few days kind of reflecting and gathering myself, and am preparing for a relaxing French Friday tomorrow. 


  1. French Friday? Qu'est-ce que c'est?

  2. On Fridays at least I try and make a habit to slow down, eat something fantastic, savor life....and I should probably start actually working on my French then too!

  3. I have a package of Mariage Frères Bourbon Vanilla tea just behind me :) It's SO good!

    Enjoy your French Friday.

  4. Oh honey I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Honestly I don't think taking a baby to Paris is all that crazy. Also, in my opinion, the younger the baby you take the better. You just pop them into a sling and stroll around! We've traveled with my daughter since she was less than 2 months old, and I find the older she gets the harder it gets (she's 3 now). We did a 9 hour+ plane ride to Hawaii when she was 16 months (more than 12 hours total travel time) and that was in MANY ways easier than the 2.5 hour plane ride we did when she was a little over two and a half! But by far the easiest was when she was a tiny can sleep and eat any time any where baby. So I say go for it. ;-)

  6. You are preparing quite well for motherhood! :)


  7. There are days when you just have to take care of yourself and let it all out. I have family issues, too, and in the height of the pain I was a complete mess - and I wasn't pregnant.

    Hang in there. Tea and toast cures a world of hurt.