Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taking The Sun When It Comes

 Gratuitous Photo of Sophie....She likes lying in front of the front door....even when there is a newspaper there!

This afternoon my friend calls me and tells me, "It's sunny now, it should be for a few more hours, and then the rain is coming."  We had planned to walk the dogs this afternoon, but the forecast was calling for rain, so we figured it was out.  I called her back, told her I could be ready in less than an hour, and we agreed to meet for coffee and a walk.

Now, lemme tell ya....I'm not sure I'm going to make it as a parent.  Just trying to get the 2 dogs rounded up was exhausting enough....and I still forgot the doggie bags (for cleanup).  Thank goodness she brought some along!  When I tried to put Sophie's harness on, Audrey jumped all over her trying to get in it.  So I finally put Audrey's on, and realized I had put Sophie's on wrong....I take it off, but when I go to put it back on...she was having none of it.  I think she thought she was in for one of our long road trips back home, which she hates. 

We get to the cafe, the one table out front was open, so I grab it.  We get our coffee, Audrey goes in my lap, and Sophie is happy as a clam.  She really, REALLY loves people, and a ton of people wanted to pet her.  Audrey on the other hand frequently had my fingers around her snout because she is not particularly fond of strangers, and definitely not a fan of other dogs she doesn't know.  Imagine 10 lbs. of ferociousness.  It's pathetic.  However when a dog (who clearly was a wolf mix) came to say hello she was happy to meet her.  Go figure.  And Audrey gladly let a little girl stroke her for a long while.  Sophie on the other hand cried every time people went away.  And she really loves other dogs and met about a dozen.

We took off on a long walk, and they enjoyed it.  At one point about 6 kids ranging from 2-4 were in a group with 2 moms and while Audrey stayed a bit back, Sophie was quite happy to make friends with each and every one of them.  And one little boy, once they moved on, came running back to pet her one last time!  We stopped and discussed gardening with one couple.  We waved to 2 old ladies playing cards on a porch.  And for the last leg of the trip, I picked Audrey up and carried her because she was beginning to lag behind, exhaustion set in.  In the car she stretched out across the front seat and fell asleep.

I love taking them for a walk.  However, it's hard with 2.  Audrey's little legs stop to smell everything, and Sophie tries to walk me!  Thank goodness by the time Jen had her she had calmed down (people!  smells! other dogs!) and walked easily with her.  We're planning on walking them a few times a week once summer is here, and I know they're going to love that.  Hopefully the sun will shine and these two will learn that the car is a good place again.  (Audrey never seems to mind, really, but then again she likes sitting on my lap on long car trips when G is driving.)


  1. aww dog walking stories! I wish I had a friend around here to go walking with.

    What kind of dog is Audrey again?

  2. Crystal, when you move to the Alps a friend to go walking with should be high on the priority list. The scenery will be too beautiful to not!

    And Audrey is a miniature dachshund. One of her parents was long hair, one was a short hair, so she constantly is fluffy. I'm hoping to get her into the groomer soon and then she'll have a whole post dedicated to her!

  3. Listening to you wrangling two dogs (successfully!) makes me think you will be fine wrangling babies/toddlers. Let me tell you, God designed it well. He eases you in with the baby; toting a baby around is actually pretty easy since they are pretty self contained, and once you have managed one nappy/diaper blowout without any spare clothes, you will never forget again! Toddlers are a challenge, much like your two adorable dogs - they are just interested in everything else going on - but they are adorable and you love them, so you forgive them! By the time you get to preschool age, they will even help you get ready to leave. My kids now will open the garage door, hop in their car seats by themselves and even put their seat belt harnesses on ready to be buckled up. I think this stage is to lull you into a false sense of security so you start thinking about having another one!

  4. Oh, my 2 little dogs are high maintenance and I won't attempt to walk them both at the same time. I need hubby to take one. You will be a good Mom and somehow I think dogs can be more work than kids! xo

  5. My dog walks me! I hope it grows out of it, but if he doesn't I may just hitch him to a little red wagon and let him pull me along ;-)