Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've got a quiche and a yogurt spiced pound cake in the oven.  I'm looking at making baked oatmeal tomorrow night for breakfast this weekend.  And I'm even attempting to make beans again. (Insane, I know!)

It's the new normal.  Nora sleeps all night, but she's been teething since 6 weeks and so my days can either be glorious and full of giggles or hell on earth, with her upset and unable to be consoled.  It helps that lately, any day that is sunny, we've been walking.  Walking the 10 blocks to coffee.  Walking 2 miles to meet a friend to chat for a bit.  Walking just to take in the sunshine and birds singing and all of that zippity doo dah stuff. 

And I think I can see God more lately.  In the way He's drawn us to Him through unexpected twists and turns of life.  Not just in the good, but in the bad and hitting my knees moments too.  And I can see how He's using the bad to bring about good.  The strained relationship that's causing me to appreciate another one more.  The hurt that's making me work harder to be a better me. 

I'm not superwoman.  I've tried and my cape got twisted and I fell.  My kitchen and living room are messy.  For once my bedroom seems to be the most organized room in the house (which is good because my new mattress will be delivered tomorrow and the furniture is ready to be delivered).  My dogs need baths and nail trimmings and probably therapy as I've been insisting they stay out of my kitchen lately and it seems to perplex them. 

Life is hard and wonderful and so worth the moments I'm in. 

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