Monday, April 2, 2012

Joyful Heart

We walk into gardens, strolling past tulips and trees where children climb.  I spread out the quilt that my great grandmother hand pieced and quilted, slip off my shoes and Nora and I lay down, spread out while Garret gets the camera, snaps photos.  Little old ladies tell us she's beautiful, laughing because she smiles, knowing it's true because she hears it all the time...our vain little one.
I tell her that she is sweetness personified.  Garret smiles and says she is such a joyful baby. 
She smiles all the time, her eyes lighting up, her dimples creased.  One woman recently commented that she smiles with her eyes, and it's true as G tells her she smizes well enough to put Tyra Banks to shame.
I am amazed daily of the bond I have with her, this special surprise I wasn't sure I was ready for.  I constantly think, "My cup runneth over."


  1. Gosh in those pictures Nora looks so much like her daddy! What a joy she is.
    many congratulations.

  2. I love these pics! She's adorable.