Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why We're A One Car Family*

*For now.
Image I found online, not from our dealership...but it's the winter gray color of our Prius!
Today we went to pick up our new car.  We traded in our Ford Fusion for a Prius Three hybrid.  The Fusion is an amazing car, which we recommend to anyone looking for a awesome mid-size sedan.  Almost 100,000 miles, never a problem and gets awesome gas mileage. But with Nora in the backseat, where Sophie usually stretches out, we knew we needed to look at either an SUV or a hatchback where she could stretch out in the back.  I normally hate Priuses because, at least around here, the drivers seem to all be jerks who drive like idiots. Almost 100% of the time if someone swings out on the red and nearly clips us, it's a Prius.  Not sure why, but it's a pretty commonly held opinion out here on the East coast.

But we got the Prius because it meant not having to get an SUV and it gets awesome gas mileage.  People seem surprised that we were trading in our car rather than getting a second.  But we're a one car family for now.  First, we live in a city where we only have on-street parking, and nearly every day of the week you can only park on one side of the street for several hours because of street cleaning.  Which means if I had a car here, I'd have to make sure it was on the right side or get up early to move it.  Um, no.

Secondly, we only have 1 car payment, 1 insurance payment and 1 car to gas up.  Saves a ton of money.  And since I rarely need the car, that rocks.  The car payment for the Prius is a little higher than ours before, but it about evens out because of the gas savings.  And by having less money going towards transportation, it allows us to put away a decent amount every month for savings.

And finally, when I do need the car I can either drive G to work, or I can drive him to the train station (located less than 2 miles from our home) and drop him off for the MARC train that can take him to work.  Easy peasy.

Eventually, when we move to a home with off street parking, I'll probably get my own car.  By that time Nora will be older and we will probably be living in a less convenient place.  Right now I live 10 blocks from our favorite cafe, Starbucks, Chipotle, Barnes and Noble, Coldstone, etc, etc.  We have a park a block from our home.  Eventually this may not be the case.

And G has promised me my Audi TTS....unless he wins the lottery and then I get an Aston Martin.  Ahem.  I love the Audi, and it will be my baby so it will have a nice cozy home in a garage.

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