Monday, January 7, 2013

She's A (Adorable) Loser

I recently volunteered myself to read an e-book by Jessica Heights, who blogs at Muthering Heights.  She's one of the co-founders for the Allume Conference, and someone I highly respect.  She usually has beyond cute she manages to look so good while raising 4 little ones is beyond me.  And more important to this topic....

She's also very petite.  Very.  So when I found out she'd written an e-book about losing weight I was a little perplexed.   I couldn't imagine her being any bigger.  And when I found out she had lost 100 lbs, I was more than a wee bit curious.

I read it and suddenly felt a lot less alone.  As a woman who has always struggled a bit with her weight, and who is in the process of trying to lose all of it before her 30th birthday, while nursing a wee one, well, it hit home.  I think most of us who struggled are ashamed a bit, and it was like having a friend talk to me about it.  Because she's a Christian, it's part weight loss book and part heart pouring.  She reminds us that God has made us perfect in his image, and that we need to take care of these bodies we've been given. 

You won't find any miracle tricks.  She's all about watching what you eat and moving more.  She does have some great recommendations for ways to monitor your movement and some exercise dvds she loves.  I'm actually saving for the monitor to remind me to get moving more!

So while it's not really revolutionary thinking, it's the emotional bits, the way she exposes this part of herself, opening up her heart raw and honestly is what makes this little e-book phenomenal.  It's a woman I admire saying, "This isn't easy, but you can do it."  And more so, she reminds us that we need to love ourselves more.

If you're looking for a quick read that will speak to your heart I highly recommend it.  Thank you Jessica for allowing me the privilege of reading what turned out to be a much needed reminder. 

The e-book can be found on Amazon and also directly from their company Avodah.  At $4.99 it's an inexpensive great (and not too long) read.

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