Friday, October 2, 2009

In Panera Again

G and I went and caught tacos for lunch (yes, we caught them, in the wild).  Now we're sitting at Panera's drinking coffee because we're switching hotels (oh, how lovely it is to be closing on the house in 2 weeks), and we can't check in for another hour.  So coffee and me on the laptop and G finally finishing the Dan Brown book because God he's a slow reader but I love him anyways.  Or perhaps it's because I read faster than anyone I've ever met, and have the ability to generally not ever have to go back to check something because I have a memory that is frightening but comes in handy during arguments and balancing the checkbook (oh, I know there was a receipt for something of this exact amount...hmmm).  And yes, I sound slightly manic, or at least that's G's opinion, but he just laughs because this is how I talk and quite frankly I'm too tired to worry about separating sentences to make them prettier.  So there.

We're checking into an extended stay hotel which means I am thanking God that I will at least have a full size refrigerator, stove, and cooking pans for the next 2 weeks.  If we have to continue living at a hotel at least there will be a way to cook so we can quit eating out so damn much.  Because it gets old, it really does.  Particularly because I'm frugal (a.k.a. cheap) and hate paying for something I know I can cook better when Oh My God that money could go towards my saving for a (insert here)______.  (sewing machine, zac posen dress, Harry and David soup mixes, or a cruise to get the hell out of MD come winter).  My goal is to save enough that I can go a little crazy stocking up our new refrigerator.  Because I am going to go crazy.  Majorly.

I mean, first off, I think we're gonna need an entire row of bubbly in the fridge because damn we just bought our first house and it's time to celebrate!  These are the times right?  We're young and childless and that's a state of living that won't last long.  My mother is expecting a baby for Christmas.  Quite honestly I've explained that I'm human, not some other freaky species (although thank God I am not an elephant, I love them, but they have a gestational pregnancy period of 22 months!!! ) and I cannot possibly have a baby by Christmas, but she can keep dreaming.  I think she wants to hear we're having a baby by Christmas, but since she never specified I think I'll just go on assuming she's crazy.  Because she is.  Really.  Where do you think I get it?

So anyways, that's me today.  Sitting in the Panera typing this up, cracking G up, because yes I'm having a narcissistic moment and damn am I funny!  (okay, that may just be in my own head, but let me have my delusions).  However, today I do look good, and much to G's angst level I've had men watching me as I walk everywhere.  And I'm fairly covered up, but looking damn fine!  Little black cotton dress from Old Navy with some flats, my hair back in a low bun, a fun pearl necklace and I sashay when I walk.  I do indeed.  Perhaps I will take a pic later.  

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Friday!  


  1. Yes - take a picture!! I want to see the outfit!


  2. Who knew that getting a full size fridge could be so exciting? :) Good luck! Glad your Friday was goodish and glad that you looked stunning!

  3. I am so very ready to move into my kitchen! I hunted down some Gruyere last night so now the first thing I am gonna make is a quiche. I can practically feel the pastry dough in my hands! And I hear the granite will help with rolling it out.

    Laura, it turned out to not be a full size-full size fridge. It's more like the slightly shorter Euro ones, but it's got a freezer that's big enough for me to freeze leftovers in, so that's good enough for me!