Friday, October 2, 2009

Here I was, just drinking my coffee.  I was checking blogs, and something slammed into me like a ton of bricks.  No more rambling, I am suddenly insanely focused on the screen in front of me.  Lovelyn just returned from Uganda.  Her beautiful family is in the process of adopting from there.  And while they feel called to adopt 2, so far they have found one little boy, Clayton, who they are hoping to bring home in November.  We are praying for their family that he comes home so soon.  What a thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

I have always known I was meant to adopt.  I have been playing at it since I was 4.  To me, a family is not just you give birth to, but those you choose, or who choose you.  I have never kept this from G, and in fact he's always been supportive.  But this past year, he's been as eager about it as I am.  We've gotten some weird looks when we talk about it, and generally nosiness about whether or not we can have our own.  As if adopting a child isn't the same.  As if they aren't "your own".  Well, we've never really tried, but as far as we know, yes the parts work, thanks for asking.  We're uncertain of when the time will be right for us.  There are so many ways to go about it, and we are deciding whether to adopt before trying for a pregnancy.  But it's there, and lately I have come across more and more reminders, little nudges on my heart.  And I'm listening God, I am.  With every little child out there who has no family of their own I see Your face, I hear what You have called upon me for.  Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and love all those you meet.  

My heart goes out to this family.  They have 4 beautiful girls, and they are adding in a wonderful little boy who has cheeks that just induce the ache to pinch!  Seriously, go watch the video.  I love that she talks about how she was led to this boy, that her heart knows him.  I truly believe that God placed this boy on her heart long before she met him.  And her family will be so blessed by him.  

So, deep moment.  Now I will resume my too much coffee, lack of sleep rambling.  But please, do go watch the video, read about their journey.  


  1. Hi! I enjoyed your post. My husband and I are planning to adopt a child from the Philippines when he returns from Iraq. Nice blog! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. How sweet, also check out the happy housewife about her military lifestyle post.

  3. I watched the video. So sweet.