Sunday, April 11, 2010


This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous so far.  Sunny, blue skies, not too much wind.  But this is not a weather blog.

More like how I weather life.  And it's usually windy with occasional storms.  But not this weekend.

Friday G took care of something he's been meaning to.  And while it left him more than a little upset and left me irritated with the person he dealt with, I was so proud of him.  He stood up for himself and us, even though it was outside his comfort zone.  And it led to him drinking a petite glass of scotch to calm his nerves and well, it made for intoxicating kisses while cooking dinner.  Ahem.

This morning (Saturday) he woke up, got cleaned up and dressed and made coffee to wake me up with.  Perfect.  I woke up right before he was headed up, and called out.  I thought, "I hope he made coffee.  Please, oh please, let him have made coffee."  He opened the door, that coffee smell hit me and I was smiling with my eyes closed.  Wonderful.  

Today we went to dinner, we relaxed around the house, we picked up a nice bookcase for the living room (project to come on the home blog very soon).  And I just felt at peace.  We talked about how calm my heart has been lately about some hard topics.  We talked about things we were afraid to talk about, stressors, irritations, and did so with calm steady voices and encouraging words.  I had felt like my faith was suffering lately as I called into question our marriage, but today it was as if God was smiling, and we'd turned a corner.  

Tomorrow we have mass and then helping a friend set up for her son's party.  He's 1, he really won't give a hoot, but it should be a nice time.  It feels great to have made friends where both G and I click with them (her husband and G get along really well).  They were glad to make friends with people who may not have kids yet but love kids, and we were glad to have people who didn't either think we couldn't work because we're childless or who think kids are a plague to be avoided.  Win win.  

I hope everyone is enjoying this phenomenal weather that most of the country seems to be having!  

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