Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Makes A Chic Life?

My blog is supposed to be all about living this chic life that G and I enjoy, no apologies.  But at times I have felt anything but chic.  As our marriage went through it's difficult period.  As we struggled to make friends in the places we were sent to.  As we went the lazy route and ate frozen pizzas because they only took 10 minutes and we could eat them quick.  But lately, life has felt wonderful.  And it has me thinking about what is chic to us? 

I think it can be categorized simply:  good food, good wine, good friends, great times. 

Food is the obvious one.  We take our time eating, generally spreading it out in courses to last an hour or three.  We set the table nicely, with our china and candles.  We put our silverware down in between bites and engage in conversation.  It's a sensory experience and one that makes or breaks an evening.

Good wine doesn't have to be expensive.  For that matter we've found plenty of bottles for around $10-$15 that were delicious.  If the first sip was just okay, we decant and let it air out.  Sparkling wine is less than $20 and we like to celebrate the little things in life.

Good friends are slowly being made.  G is naturally less social, he holds back more, and after being burned in England I tend to be a bit more reserved, a little more cautious in friendships.  But lately I've been meeting up with amazing people who I find myself wanting to throw a dinner party just to get everyone together!

Great times are had when we take the time to slow down and enjoy the moments rather than keep waiting impatiently for something better.  Whether it's a stroll through an art museum or simply sitting with a glass of wine and enjoying the nice weather, we've chosen to make thoughtful choices for our time.  Rather than rushing from one thing to another, we make sure we have plenty of time where we can be spontaneous, where we can go off on mini adventures or simply curl up with a good book. 

There will be more posts like this as I try to write down (to help myself find words for) what I want my life to always look like.  It helps keep me on the track that brings the most happiness to my life.  


  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to the chic life you want.

  2. I like how you define it yourself and what it means to you. The lifestyle books can only take you so far, at some point you've got to decide on your own what you can adopt and leave out and what makes you feel rich.