Saturday, February 12, 2011

What A Friday Night Looks Like

Me, with my scarf from Cairo, heading out for coffee and to get my computer looked at.  Exciting night folks.
Kir Royale and a toast to our adventures?  Yes, indeed!

I also made Croque Madames for dinner with serrano ham, gruyere and part of a boule loaf (just means round) with a fried egg on top.  Forgot to take a pic of the final product, but boy was it tasty!

Friday was just the beginning to what is looking like an excellent weekend!


  1. I love kir royales...what a great idea to make your own!

    Did you make that darling flower pin yourself?

  2. *Tisk tisk* You're not wearing your seat belt. It sounds like you had a lovely beginning to your weekend though :)

  3. Hope your weekend is as beautiful as you are. Happy Valentine's day, lovely!xoxo

  4. Love your flower pin... so cute! xo

  5. Adrienne, the kir royales were super easy, with a delicious French cassis liqueur. The flower pin is actually one I picked up at H&M in England, but I'm planning to make a ton like it soon!

    Theresa, my love, this photo was taken before we had even turned the car on!

    La Belette, merci!

    Debby, thank you!

  6. Love the flower pin. Love your scarf. Love your nails. Love you!

  7. Croque madames and kir royales - THAT is a good weekend.

    I can't pull off the silk flower look, but you sure can! You have the face for it. Great signature look.