Saturday, December 26, 2009


My wonderful G is turning 26 today.  It's his golden birthday and I had plans for a small party.  But we're minorly snowed in.  And I forgot my round cake pans in Baltimore (and of course my mother doesn't have any, that's always my luck!).  If we get out shopping today then we will buy a couple.  I don't want to be a grump about it.  I ordered special candles for the cake.  And we've talked about putting cake and ice cream off until later this week when others can come too.  

As I type this G is asleep next to me.  I fell asleep early, sneaking away, telling him he needs to learn more than Wii my dad and brother taught him tennis and baseball and who knows what else because when he's here they treat him like he's another brother, another son.  My family loves my husband, thinks he's the best thing I've ever chosen to love, and they include him in everything (including the cleaning up!).  

Yesterday we bundled up.  I was in a fireman's outfit, suspender's and all.  I asked if I was fulfilling G's firewoman fantasy.  Laughing he said he hadn't known he'd had one until that moment.  We went out to the big hill in front of my parents home and with a spotter on top and a spotter at the bottom we went sledding, flying down the hill at breakneck speeds, sliding with thuds into snow drifts.  We got a workout for sure, running back up the hill, throwing snow at one another.  At one point we all stopped and helped a neighbor get his truck up another of the hills, some of us on the back to weigh it down, then later pushing it in the snow.   We came back and enjoyed hot cocoa, but only after the same dad, brother and husband who stayed up all night playing wii went down the hill a million times more.  At one point my maman and I watched from inside as my Dad came flying down after my brother with a huge snowball in hand to throw at him mid slide!  

It was a nice lead up to today.  We'll shop (for exciting things like new bath towels!), and probably catch a bite out to eat.  Perhaps I'll bake him something special.  He deserves it.  He deserves every good thing coming up this year.  My husband is a pain in the ass.  He doesn't always know how to get what he wants to say out, and he forgets to bring me flowers every once in a while (but leaves cute little notes for me to find occasionally, more often lately).  But he is the greatest decision I have ever made.  I told him not too long ago that when we finally got it together to marry, that the stars in heaven who had been watching our dance began to sparkle brighter and sing their starry song because at long last it was as it was always supposed to be.   I love G fiercely, with a fire deep in my soul, knowing that God designed us each for one another so perfectly.  And since he's been trying to keep up with this lately I will leave it as this:

I love you my dear, dear husband.  I think you are the sexiest, funniest, smartest man I have ever met and I am so incredibly proud to be your wife.  Happy Birthday Garret.  May the stars sparkle brighter for you today.  


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday to G! Hoping that all your birthday wishes except one come true. Cause what would life be like without at least one thing left to wish for???